E140 Fatness to Fitness with Allan Misner

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I feel like I fail my listeners when it comes to fitness. It isn’t my thing. I care about it and I take good care of myself, I just don’t like talking about it.

My guest has changed that. I like him and I really do enjoy his podcast. I was so happy that he reached out and asked to be introduced to Experience 50 listeners. Today we are talking about the pillars of wellness and how to deal with the emotional and physical impact of injuries over 40 with the highly respected author and podcaster Allan Misner, 52. At 39, he found himself unable to take part in things he loved, such as a simple volleyball game or even a fitness assessment workout. He now refers to his former self as a “fat bastard”.

Allan Misner on Experience 50Allan recalls the exact moment, just after the volleyball debacle, hungover in a Mexican hotel when he came to terms with the fact that he was unfit, unhealthy and not happy. Even though he had made the decision to change, it took him an additional eight years to find the motivations to take action.

You need to have a WHY to get healthy

In our conversation, Allan shares how his adult daughter was key in his moving from wanting to change to actually making that change.

He became certified as a personal trainer – not as a career move – he wanted to train himself back to a fitness level that would support the lifestyle he wanted. In a not-serious, yes serious sort of way, he says, “I want to be able to wipe my own ass at 105.”

His physical transformation caught the attention of other folks working out at his gym and he was happy to share what he had learned about getting in shape and finding his own way to wellness after 40.

Spreading the word of how important commitment and having a why became another key to his happiness. He had created a Wellness GPS principle for himself and others. Now Misner can be heard on the top-rated 40+ Fitness Podcast or you can pick up his book, The Wellness Roadmap: A Straightforward Guide to Health and Fitness After 40.

During our conversation, we share stories of keeping up with our kids, rotator cuff tears, working out with injuries and the importance of physical therapy after you’ve hurt yourself or had surgery. Things are very different after 40, indeed!

Allan has set up a special page on his website for you to visit and learn more about his work.


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Allan Misner’s Bio:

Just before his 39th birthday, Allan Misner had a wake-up call. While vacationing at a tropical resort, he tried to play volleyball but got too tired to stay in the game. Once an athlete, he had let himself go as work stress, a toxic relationship and, frankly, poor health choices had gotten him to well over 250 pounds. As he sat on the beach, the water lapping at his feet, he realized he needed to make a change and decided to improve his lifestyle and reclaim his fitness.

Over the next eight years, he rode countless waves of wellness and fatness. It was this rollercoaster ride that made him realize that a decision wasn’t enough. So, one day, while lying on the bed of a hotel room, hung-over and fat again, he made a commitment to his health and well-being.

Today, Allan Misner is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and a Functional Aging Institute (FAI) Certified Functional Aging Specialist. He is the creator of the thriving 40+ Fitness Community, providing one-on-one and group fitness coaching, nutritional guidance, and personal training for clients over the age of 40. He is also the host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, for which he has interviewed hundreds of health and wellness experts with a wide range of specialties. He explains how creating a Health GPS will keep you committed in his book,  The Wellness Roadmap: A Straightforward Guide to Health and Fitness After 40.

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