E36 Saving a Midlife Marriage with Lee Baucom, PhD

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Gray Divorce is on the Rise

save the marriageMidlife marriage is in danger. Divorce over the age of 50 (also called “gray” divorce) is becoming more common, and more acceptable. In 2014, people age 50 and above were twice as likely to go through a divorce than in 1990, according to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

At the same time, divorce rates have plateaued or dropped among other age groups. It’s just US!

Today, one out of every four people experiencing divorce is over age 50. This raises critical questions about how gray divorce is reshaping the aging experience in the U.S.
Although for some older adults a gray divorce may be liberating, for others who are less advantaged it is a devastating experience with long-term negative consequences for their own lives and for society as a whole.

Saving the Midlife Marriage

Whatever the cause, can these marriages be saved? And what if only one of the spouses is interesting in saving it.

To help us with those two questions, we are joined by:

Dr. Lee Baucom , the creator of the internet marriage program, Save The Marriage, which hassavethemarriage120x600STMbanner1 been used by over 70,ooo couples with a success rate of nearly 80%. . Dr. Baucom has over a quarter of a century of experience helping couples and individuals learn to thrive. Dr. Baucom is trained as a therapist and life coach. He is happily married, having just celebrated a 27th anniversary.

Learn more about his Save The Marriage tools HERE

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