E230 Travel Temptation with Karen McCann

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Is it too soon to talk travel?

Karen McCannWe may not be jumping on airplanes or cruise ships during COVID-19, but with talk of vaccinations becoming available in a month or so, I am thinking that we can at least dream a bit. Maybe consider where and how, if not when.

Karen McCann is an American travel writer who divides her time between the U.S. and international destinations. Now, with her wings clipped, I am revisiting her original appearance on Experience 50 from mid-2017.

What is travel with purpose?

In our 50s, we are less likely to crave a getaway focused on relaxation. We want big experiences, to see historic landmarks, walk in the steps of history or experience cafe life in Paris. This type of travel and connecting with locals expands our perspective of the wider world and our human experience.

Karen and her husband Rich, enjoy unstructured travel, falling into situations and surprises that are not offered in glossy travel brochures. Even when something goes “wrong”, they find themselves having a better time than they had planned.

During COVID, she is not traveling. You will find her writing at enjoylivingabroad.com including a wonderful collection of blog posts and comfort cuisine recipes.

If you’ve ever considered living abroad, I highly recommend her Kindle book: 101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad.

About Karen McCann

Both of McCann’s previous travel memoirs have repeatedly hit number one on Amazon in Kindle travel books. Dancing in the Fountain describes her transition from Cleveland, Ohio to Seville, Spain with her husband and dog, and is “reminiscent of British author Peter Mayle and his romps in France, but with a bit more substance.” Adventures of a Railway Nomad chronicles her three-month, thirteen-country, totally unstructured train trip through Central and Eastern Europe. “Karen’s storytelling is, if possible, even more, enticing than her astonishing journey.”

Karen McCann started her Enjoy Living Abroad blog to document her transition to living as an American expat in Spain. She then began to share her travel adventures with an audience of readers who adore her sense of serendipity and thirst for life’s big experiences. Her travel tips and adventure stories have appeared in Huffington Post, International Living Magazine, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, and Lonely Planet. She’s visited more than 60 countries including developing and post-war nations where she and her husband volunteered as consultants to struggling micro-enterprises.

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