E220 The Right Place at the The Right Time

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I’m sure that we all, you included, have a number of personal stories that include a right time right place component. I’m not referring to those times when we experience plain old dumb luck, but stories of being exactly where needed at just the right moment.

Was it you? Or was a fellow human being there for you? Either way, we witness a bit of magic when we play a role or witness these moments of human connection.

Can you create those connections? Yes, if you are paying attention.

In this episode, I share my own stories of the right place at the right time, including:

My family’s rescue of a couple, who could not swim, from Lake Michigan, after they fell from and were separated from their drifting jetski

My misinterpretation of being in the right place at the right time a.k.a. my local Humane Society animal shelter

Finding I could help a stranger in the midst of her midlife meltdown while shoe shopping at a DSW

An acquaintance coming to my rescue in a moment of  overwhelming grief

I believe that we are all placed in the right time at the right time for the good of ourselves and others, but we don’t always see it. Opportunities to tap into the beautiful connection between human beings, in harrowing circumstances and small moments, are all around us.

Are you paying attention?

Episode 220 Art Our lives move so quickly, we hardly have a chance to notice. We are bombarded by deadlines, media, responsibilities to get the next thing done, and are likely to overlook the coincidences in our experiences.

Is it possible to take a breath, slow things down, reduce the noise, and observe our own lives? I’m amazed by how much my own life has improved since I’ve learned these lessons and had the faith and patience to appreciate and relish the moments where these beautiful “right place at the right time”.

The Power of Intention

I highly recommend that if you feel out of sync with your sense of purpose in this world, check out Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention lecture from his PBS series. It can be viewed/heard at no cost on YouTube HERE or you can listen to in on Audible during a free trial membership.

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