E153 Feeling Funky? How to Distract Your Brain

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This week’s episode is in response to the listener email below:

Mary, I love your podcast and after telling some friends about it we now all listen and get together once a month to talk about this midlife stuff. We all agree that we wish we could come to Traverse City, which sounds amazing- we looked it up online and we can understand why you live there- but girl you need to go somewhere else in the winter. We live in all live in the LA area- so please come here next winter. We’ll put you up!


Here is our question: All five of us have the same weird problem. We get funky. That is what we call it. We just have a day every so often when we think we suck and we’ll die alone and poor. It’s ridiculous really, but it still happens. What can we do????? -Jackie

Oh, you came to the right person. I wrestle with dark days too! I know that I can’t avoid them and have learned how to fight them instead. It is all about taking action!

In this episode I share my sure-fire tricks to beat the demon. Enjoy!

I do mention a wonderful book that my husband and I have been listening to on road trips, and I highly recommend:

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