E128 What is Experience 50?

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Episode 128 What is Experience 50

Wow! Welcome to all the new listeners and supporters of the show. Let me get you on track!

50? What is Experience 50? Good question. What is adolescence?

I think it is exactly the same type of experience. The issues are different, for the most part, but the two share that undeniable period of time when you transition from one thing to another.

When I first considered launching a podcast, the working name of this project was Experiment 50. That is what life felt for me each and every day.

After turning 50, there was definitely a Twilight Zone type of mystery going on for me. When I fell asleep at night I was not convinced that I would recognize where I awoke. Things were changing that quickly for me. My perceptions, opinions, concerns, joys, moods, beliefs, desires, and emotional securities had all come into question. And so I looked at my days as an experiment- What if I do this? that? who would even notice?

I’m no different than you, in that 50 brought some major challenges my way, which I had absolutely no control over. We all have bad days- or years. What does seem different about my experience is that I talked about it. I talked about it a lot with other people my age. It felt as though I had missed the memo, forgot to register for the class where they prepare you for 50.

I was not alone

Midlife Crisis?

It was the not the actual aging part of it that had me checking out some odd reading materials, I’m fine with baggy eyes and forgetting names. It was my restlessness. Like a young teen, I thought rules were stupid, routines were positively deadly, and the rat race was a total con job.

At fifty-five, I have more perspective, more questions but I also have a few answers. With three years of the podcast in the can, and conversations with thousands of midlifers across the planet, I am so happy that my friend Joe Sanock and his wife Allison suggested the name Experience 50. Because the whole message is about the experience of 50. Yes, I have undergone a lot of self-imposed experiments, but it is my love of the experience of being 50 that I share with my listeners. The good, the bad and the ugly. I love it all.

That is the topic of this episode: The Experience.

Enjoy and please share your comments on the Experience 50 moments of your life these days.

Love to all,


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