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Midlife Podcast E123

Today’s episode shares three life lessons:

  • Learning to pay attention to coincidences
  • Appreciating how music connects us to moments of our lives
  • Realizing that the depth of your sorrows is matched by the height of your joys

The sentiment comes from an essay I wrote shortly after interviewing Karen Black (E122 My Sister’s Guardian). I had started to record this as a reading of that essay, but after the first few paragraphs, I went off script, so to speak.

I worry that this may be what some would call a selfish podcast episode, that it is by me and for me. Maybe so. But I do believe that we are all in this Experience 50 adventure together, so please indulge me.

With love,


Upcoming episodes feature:

  • 51-year-old Strongwoman competitor and former dog sled musher.
  • 52-year-old former actress in film and tv, now a title-holding ProAm Ballroom Dancer.


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