E121 The Ultimate Gift: A New Heart

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Experience 50 Podcast Episode 121 The Ultimate Gift: A New HeartMeet Gretchen Harfst, 54, recipient of a heart transplant one year ago. She now celebrates two birthdays: the day she born and the day she received her new heart.

Listen to her story of transition and the grace with which she accepted this gift of a second chance, a new life.

Gretchen Harfst is Senior Partner & COO at Progression Partners based in Indianapolis, IN. Downsized from her corporate career at 52, she began her midlife transition wondering what was next. Sound familiar?

Just as she met a new business partner and took the leap into entrepreneurship, her heart literally gave out on her. Diagnosed with congenital heart failure ten years prior, she knew that she was unlikely to win any longevity awards, but she was following doctors orders, listening to Experience 50 podcasts while working out at the gym, networking, and creating a new “post-corporate” life that she would design on her terms.

Just as everything was coming together, she began to struggle, not feeling well, lacking the energy she needed. A trip to the doctor landed her on the list for a heart transplant.

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