E111 Grandparenting Long Distance with Caryn Payzant, The Midlife Guru

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Grandparenting, especially when done long distance, can be tricky. But our guest, Caryn Payzant, 57, known as The Midlife Guru of blogging has real world experience, level-headed advice, and big-picture wisdom.

Caryn embraces all of the technology that the 21st century provides including Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype and of course emails, phone calls, and texting

Grandparenting Beyond Tech

She also gives her advice on when to make visits and how to make the most of those visits:

  • when is the best time to visit and why
  • choosing your special holidays
  • saving money on visits
  • keeping all parenting supplies on hand for when the kids come to you
  • picking your grandparent nickname
  • maintaining harmony with the “other grandparents”
  • how to be an awesome grandparent and in-lawSupport Experience 50

More about my guest, Caryn Payzant


Grandparenting Long Distance Caryn PayzantMarried for 36 years to her high school sweetheart, a mother of three amazing grown children, a mother-in-law to two terrific sons-in-law, and a grandmother to four adorable grandsons, when this Southern California native turned 50, she found herself at the crossroads of what to do next with her life that could make a positive impact.

Always active in her community (she has served on her local school board the past 24 years) and with her church (currently she serves as the Public Affairs Director in her city), Caryn decided to try something totally new: writing a blog, TheMidLifeGuru.com. Using her life experiences, knowledge and interests, Caryn has developed a platform to share unique ideas and information to inspire and motivate women in finding joy, fulfillment, and purpose in their midlife years.

Topics Caryn covers on her blog include Healthy Habits, Lifelong Learning, Family Fulfillment, Midlife Musings, and interviewing other midlife men and women who have made course corrections in their second act of life. Recently, Caryn’s blog work has expanded into a Social Media Consulting business, mentoring and assisting midlife small business owners with their social media needs. Today, at 57 years old, if Caryn has some spare time, she loves to workout, read, bake, and immerse herself in college football.

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