E084 Beyond Voting with Mary Rogers, Government Geek

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Beyond Voting Mary Rogers

Just when you were feeling all proud of your “I Voted” sticker, I’m going to ask you to consider being a patriotic good citizen All Year Long. Yep.

I really think our country is in trouble. Fewer ordinary Americans are involving themselves in the democratic process and who can really blame them. Same old same old, promises made, promises broken, nasty (oops) campaigns leave us thinking “Who in their right mind would even run for office?”.  But you CAN be involved at the very local level on a board or commission dedicated to Parks & Recreation, Downtown Development, Community Mental Health, Human Right, Housing, Public Transportation or your Library System.

State, County, City, Village and townships all scramble to find citizens willing to be appointed to these volunteer citizen roles that actually make decisions! They see results! OMG. You don’t have to print yard signs or raise money, just your time and talent.

Simply visit a municipality’s website and see what they are looking for. This is also a fantastic way to meet new people if you are looking to make new friends. Have fun!

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