E080 Getting Sober For A Midlife Pivot with Claire Westwood

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Claire Westwood, 50

Because of her addiction, Claire Westwood had lost it all. On the night that she found herself in a jail cell, as a result of drunken driving, she also  found the strength to turn her life around. “This is not who I am”, she said to herself.

Although under less critical circumstances, many of us find ourselves saying something similar to ourselves. “This is not who I am.” Claire urges addicts to refuse to be overwhelmed by shame, to love yourself and get the help you need to get sober.

Claire Westwood shares her story of the many pivots throughout her life (nursing, singing in a band, acting, performing, coaching) and her consistent interest in personal introspection, development and growth. Now, at 50, she has found happiness, sobriety and a passionate purpose to be true to herself and help others find the confidence to be the best version of themselves.

More about Claire:

Claire Westwood is The Seaside CEO (Creative Expansion Officer!)!

Claire is a trailblazer for creative individuals making a difference. A coach, mentor, inspirer and navigator for coaches, creatives, healers, and mission-led entrepreneurs on a mission. She is a maverick – changing the way that people see themselves.

Claire has 3 very different CV’s in her life – nursing, performing and coaching. She understands how it can feel to have lots of interests and a desire to make a difference, but no real idea how to do it or answer the questions ‘Am I too old?’, ‘What will people think?’ and ‘Where do I start?’

In the last 16 months she has created her tribes online and runs her coaching and inspirational programmes – Dive In To Live, Maverick Marketing Magic and her high-energy, high-end coaching group The High Divers Club.

Reinvention is possible at any age – Claire is 50 and was surfing on her birthday and on the zipwire the day after. It’s all ahead of you…..

Claire lives by the sea in Bournemouth and loves being by the beach as the Seaside CEO!

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