E079 Pre-Retirement Planning with Debbie Craig, CFP

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What retirement looks likeThis episode covers much more than money. Sure, you need to have a financial plan for saving enough money. But are you picturing the lifestyle that comes with retirement? Mary and Debbie Craig, Certified Financial Planner and author of Piece By Piece, A Commonsense Guide To A Secure Retirement chat about the mindset of retirement. What will it look like for you?

About 80 percent of Americans now work for small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Today, 50 percent of working Americans have no pension, or defined benefits plan. Pensions are now the exception, not the rule. Generally the only people with pensions today are municipal workers—and even this situation is changing.

Debbie shares her approach to managing your investments in the 7-10 years prior to retirement age, and how to allocate those dollars during the distribution stage but we also talk about the “vision of retirement”.

Few of us will retire at 65, receive the gold watch and pension. Instead, we will work part or full-time past 65. For those who leave the workplace, how will you spend your time? Does your picture of retirement match your partner’s?

Debbie Craig is the President of Craig Wealth Advisors LLC in Michigan. She obtained her BA in economics from Kalamazoo College and MBA from Northwestern University (JL Kellogg School of Management) and attended the International Institute in Madrid, Spain. She spent 15 years at General Motors and, since 2000, she has been an independent financial advisor holding designations as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist™ and a Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®).

Debbie is 54 and lives in Northern Michigan with her husband, Neal. Passions outside of her working hours include riding with Neal in classic cars that he has restored, travelling with her son, Chris on adventures important to him (including Alaska, Netherlands, Baltics, St. Petersburg Russia) and attending a book club with dear friends for the past 13 years. Investments of her time and talent in the not-for-profit sector include clean water initiatives (Three Lakes Association) and National Association of Mental Health.

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