E074 Falling Down and Dusting Off w/Mary Rogers

Ouch!There are few things so humiliating as falling down while walking after the age of 8. At 53, the pain is more than physical.

Yep, I fell down, twisted my ankle between two bad sections of sidewalk and ended up drawing a crowd and being whisked off to the emergency room. The doctor’s biggest concern was my plummeting blood pressure and the fact that I was so dizzy from the pain.

I wasn’t skydiving, or mountain biking. I was WALKING. Good Lord.

The result: I have a cast on my broken right arm/wrist, swollen twisted up ankle, other wrist bruised and tender, a messed up elbow and a nasty skinned knee. You’d think I’d been in a car crash.

Amazingly, I have a new insight to share in this episode on why the elderly get cranky and how we can take better care of our bones.

Sigh. I’ll be myself in about 6 weeks. The show must go on.


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