E052 How To Get a Job Over 50 Part 1 with Peggy McKee, CEO

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Peggy McKee Job Search Over 50Are you battling age discrimination in your job search over 50?

Probably true, before you’ve even had an interview. Meet Peggy McKee, CEO at Career Confidential and straight-talking career coach to Experience 50 listeners.

Peggy shares the top 3 stereotypes that are keeping hiring managers from even looking at your resume:

Job candidates over 50 are likely to be:

  1. lacking energy and physical strength
  2. lacking technology skills
  3. expensive and over-qualified

If that were not bad enough, employers are concerned hiring individuals within a legally protected class. Why risk an age discrimination suit if things don’t work out and you are let go?

There are job search strategies that you can use to beat the odds of getting an interview AND the job. Your best weapon is your attitude. If you’ve become bitter or depressed about your search, hiring managers will run in the opposite direction. Believing in yourself as an asset to the company will speak volumes if only in your body language, tone of voice and/or word choices.

You should develop a true strategy and plan of attack. Peggy has a contagious enthusiasm for helping job seekers. Tune in!

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Peggy McKee is a recruiter, career coach, and the founder/CEO of Career Confidential, a website dedicated to equipping job seekers with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to get the job they want fast.

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