E051 Looking Back at 50 (from 73) with Micki Berg, PhD

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Meet Micki Berg, PhD

Micki BergOur guest transformed at 50. Now 73, Micki Berg, PhD, author of I Don’t Want To Be Anybody But Me, looks back at her “rock bottom” and how she navigated her way to helping others with the midlife transition. At 50, Micki found herself saying, “I want to be anybody BUT me”.

Her path to happiness led her to a return to college to become credentialed in the work she was already performing, but without the Master’s Degree that most would assume she held. With that accomplishment under her belt, she surprised even herself by then attaining her doctorate. Instead of returning to the corporate world, she is using her skills and discoveries in human development to help Midlifers get unstuck.

In this episode, Looking Back at 50 from 73, Mary and Micki discuss the common experience of men and women in their early 50s feeling stuck and needing a new more purposeful direction. You hear her three step process for getting Unstuck.


You can purchase Micki’s, book which includes a whole section of exercises to get you started, HERE and visit her website HERE.


Micki’s Bio:

Her family and friends will tell you that coaching, training, and motivational speaking are part of Micki Berg’s DNA. Other than her 6 children and 11 grandchildren, helping people develop their innate potential is Micki’s purpose and passion in life.

I Don't Want To Be Anybody But MeMicki was born and raised in the city of Detroit. Upon graduation from Mumford High School June 1960), Micki attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where she earned a B.S. in Medical Technology. Her first job was as the head of the Hematology Research Laboratory at The University of Chicago. Following the birth of her six children, Adam, Joshua, Jeremy, Seth, Rachel and Elizabeth, Micki chose to be a full-time Mom, a decision she will never regret.

Micki’s professional career shifted when she joined the staff of The WWGroup, Inc. It is there that she found her niche and passion for motivating others to success. During her years as Director of Training and Development, Micki’s curiosity about training adults led her to Malcomb Knowles Adult Learning Theory, and eventually to graduate school.

At age 50, Micki returned to academia, something she vowed she would never do. In 1996, she earned a Master’s Degree in Adult Development from The University of Michigan. She entered Fielding’s HOD Program in March 1998.

Micki holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems from Fielding, and is a graduate of the first cohort of Fielding’s Master’s Level Evidence Based Coaching Program. She is a P.C.C. (Professional Certified Coach) member of the International Coach Federation. Micki’s Ph.D. is in Human Development.

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