E045 A Midlife World Perspective with Richard Davies

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E045 A Midlife World Perspective with journalist turned podcaster Richard Davies

How Do We Fix It?

How does this sound? Let’s ignore the divisive screaming and start solving our societal troubles. Imagine! Maybe we could even fix it! Our guest is Richard Davies and his midlife pivot has created his passion project: a podcast aptly named, How Do We Fix it?

Mary and Richard met in 2015 at a podcasting conference having launched their shows at about the same time. How Do We Fix It? has become one of her favorite podcasts.

In this episode, they talk about political campaigns, governance, livingroom conversations, funding maternity/paternity leave, pivoting at midlife, downsizing and decluttering and boomerang kids.

After reporting the news at ABC for over 20 years, Richard is now free to comment. His new venture, Davies Content, produces podcasts and his first is his own. Richard and fellow journalist, Jim Meigs, former Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics, call on experts, and seek solutions to vital matters that concern all of us.  From getting out personal debt to finding better teachers for our kids and the probing the future of space exploration, How Do We Fix It? presents positive views on challenging matters.

Check out How Do We Fix It on iTunes.

Mentioned Book: The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide

Mentioned Website: http://www.livingroomconversations.org/


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