E041 A Leap of Faith Pivot with Joann Filomena

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Joann FilomenaDo you think 50 is too late to leave the steady job? Meet Joann Filomena, 62, who left a successful corporate career on a leap of faith to find happiness and fulfilment. Her story includes finding herself unexpectedly widowed and in a financial tailspin. 

Her story of becoming a widow, changing jobs just 3 weeks after her husband’s death, and then quitting her job without notice sounds like a nightmare. But Joann knew that her place in the reality of the corporate world, that would never again value her skills of developing and nurturing talent amidst the metric minded, was a prison sentence. She escaped.

She quit her job, not giving any notice, a thought that would have horrified her in her earlier working years. She simply knew, a lightning bolt moment that she needed to leave and find a way to do what she was best at: helping other people find their best selves.

There was no financial safety net. She needed to create the new Joann as quickly as possible, and that is just what she did.

Talking to her for this interview, her voice and spirit are light and filled with a confidence that she made the right decision. Everything has just fallen into place.

Now a life coach, blogger and podcaster, Joann is sharing her story and changing the lives of others. Her Widow Cast is a great resource for those who have lost a loved one.


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