E027 Family Dynamics and Aging Parents with Diann Wingert, LCSW

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E027 Family Dynamics and Aging Parents

Diann WingertEach member of a family reacts and responds differently to the growing responsibilities that come with aging parents. Some may be natural caregivers, problem solvers, or delegators. Only children and siblings will find many family dynamics at play when the power shift begins between the generations.

Mary Rogers and Life Transitions Coach Diann Wingert, LCSW, discuss the pivot from child to your parents’ keeper and caregiver. The conversation touches on:

  • Different roles for each sibling
  • The only child
  • Fear
  • Caregiver respite
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Who can help
  • Time, talent and treasure
  • The opportunity for siblings to reconnect
  • Moral perspective
  • Guilt
  • How to support siblings who provide care to parents

The following is from DiannWingert.com, Please visit her website for more information

My pasDiann Wingertsion for working with women at this age and stage was born from my own struggles as I entered mid life and how I learned to cope with the multiple transitions and challenges that occur during this phase of life. Over time, I learned how to accept and embrace the inevitability of change and in many ways, reinvent my life. I am now well into my 50s and have found it to be a productive, fulfilling and even exciting time, much to my surprise and delight.   I like to think of it as my “mid life makeover.”

Entering my sixth decade was a major milestone and I felt I was in a good place, even telling friends “ 50 is the new 40!” and meaning it. A year later, however, I entered the “change of life” and truly started to struggle. The combined effect of the physical, emotional and mental changes of menopause, launching the last of my three children from the nest, being laid off from a job for the first time in my life and losing my father to a heart attack left me feeling exhausted and helpless.  I was sad, stressed out and feeling stuck, with no idea how to proceed with the rest of my life. It was scary to see myself becoming someone who was no longer energetic and optimistic and I began to worry about my future and the possibility that things would just continue to get worse.

Fortunately, I was able to connect with an excellent therapist who was about ten years older than me and turned out to be one of the most positive, upbeat women I had ever known. She not only helped me to cope with all the changes and losses in my life, she helped me see that I had the ability to create a whole new life for myself, one that could even be better than the one I had lead up to that point. In other words, I learned how to thrive, not just survive.

In addition to my therapy, I began to explore a variety of mind-body techniques for managing stress, moodiness and negative thinking. It really annoys me that so many women receive a prescription for an anti depressant when they complain to their doctor about the loss of energy and motivation at mid life. I was determined to find alternatives, and I did. Now I love sharing them with other women who want to feel and function better, with or without medication.

It has become my mission to guide, support, encourage and embrace women who are having difficulty with all the traumas and dramas of mid life, but who hold a vision for a better way and a better day.   My therapeutic “style” combines directness with warmth, compassion and plenty of humor. We are on this road together and it can be a wonderful journey.

My clients tell me they appreciate my ability to demonstrate acceptance for them just as they are, while encouraging and motivating them to continue to develop to their full potential. I look forward to hearing your story. Why not contact me today and get started on your own mid life makeover ?

Call me at 818-679-4879


For those who are interested in my education, training and professional expertise, here are the facts:

The initials after my name: I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and board certified diplomat in clinical social work (BCD). I completed my master’s degree at the School of Social Welfare at UCLA in 1995 and became licensed in 1998.

Prior to starting my private practice in 2010, I have worked/trained at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Keck Hospital of USC, as well as several community mental health agencies and non profits.


I blog for Good Therapy.org as a Topic Expert on Transitions/ Life Changes


I am a member of the following organizations:

  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association
  • Glendale Area Mental Health Providers Association
  • San Gabriel Valley Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Thanks so much for joining me today.

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