E011 Transformation of the Pot Smoking Judge with Tom Gilbert

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E011 Transformation of the Pot Smoking Judge with Tom Gilbert

Tom Gilbert would probably like to put his 15 minutes of fame as The Pot Smoking Judge behind him. But he is telling his story to anybody who will listen. He is on a mission to share his message: Recovery from addiction is possible.

POT SMOKING JUDGEOnce the punchline of late night comedian’s jokes, at 58, he now is clean, sober and changing people’s lives, one addict at a time. In this episode of The Experience 50 Podcast, Gilbert speaks honestly and candidly with Mary about his past and his present. 

The former district court judge was spotted smoking a joint at a November 2002 Rolling Stones concert, and was reported to court officials. He rejected calls for his resignation, withstood the very public humiliation of a national and local media machine that loved dragging out the story of his hypocrisy in jailing people for doing exactly the same thing he did when the robe came off.

The Tom Gilbert that you will meet in this conversation, is a very different man. The incident brought his addiction to alcohol and marijuana front and center in his picture perfect life. An extended stay at a residential rehabilitation center not only cleaned him up but set his life on a new and far more fulfilling course. At 58, Tom Gilbert is spreading the word that recovery is possible. His story gives hope to anyone with a loved one suffering from addiction.

Now the principle of Touchstone Intervention and Professional Services, Tom works with friends and families of addicts who want assistance with the intervention process. He highly recommends the book Love First for a solid step-by-step plan to organize an intervention.

Through Experience 50, you can get a free audio version of the book during a free 30 day trial of Audible.com

In addition to travelling throughout the country providing intervention guidance, he is also very actively working to establish a non-profit in his local community, TC Retreat:
TC Retreat’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by alcohol and/or drug dependency by providing affordable, effective support services based upon the Twelve Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. TC Retreat offers time away from day to day stresses and worries while you focus on developing a sober life. We provide a non-clinical, mutual aid support to the problem of alcohol and drug dependency. By providing a safe and supportive environment to study and practice these principles, TC Retreat opens the door to a life of contented sobriety.

“We believe that if we provide a dignified, safe and supportive environment, accurate information about the problem and the solution, and a solid bridge to Alcoholics Anonymous, people will recover.” – Tom Gilbert

You can contact Tom through his website.

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