E006 Happily Ever After

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E006 Happily Ever After

Experience 50 Happily Ever AfterMary Rogers, the host of The Experience 50 Podcast, finds the elusive North American Happily Married Midlife Couple. Can it be true? Jim, 60; and Ann, 53, share with you how they managed to beat the odds and find themselves still enjoying each other and their relationship. How did they do it?

You will hear their stories of how the differing coping skills of THEIR parents impacted the way they each approached relationship drama in the early years of their marriage. It was in those early years that they chose to be happily ever after.

That may be among the biggest takeaways from this conversation. They chose, decided, committed to being together forever. As Jim told Ann, shortly after they were married, “You’re stuck with me”.

Mary sat down with the couple in their home and chatted about the big, and the little, issues that can trip up many a fine marriage.

  • Feelings about divorce
  • Long term vision
  • Trust and jealousy
  • Having separate AND shared friends, hobbies and interests
  • When it is worth having an argument and how to get through it
  • Empty nesting
  • Boomerang kids
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Loss of parents
  • Quality of life
  • Health and fitness

Please leave your own marriage tips in the comments below. We can use all the help we can get!

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Special thanks to Charles Gupton, Creator and Host of The Creator’s Journey Podcast for his opening intro of this episode.

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