E204 DNA Mystery Stories with Mary Eberle, DNA Hunter

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Who’s Your Daddy?

You spit in a tube and wait for answers. Chances are you end up with more questions.

Mary Eberle Experience 50

That is where Mary Eberle comes into the picture. A genetic scientist and former patent attorney, Mary can solve the mysteries by interpreting the raw genetic data. She can back up a hunch with science and by making contact with newly identified relatives, in some cases asking them to be tested for further information.

It is fascinating work representing the most recent career pivot for this 56-year-old who is now the founder of DNA Hunters.

In this episode:

  • How she knew it was time to change careers and why
  • The first attempt at business ownership that did not go so well
  • Why ancestry.com is experiencing a current uptick of activity
  • How a TV show led to her career change
  • Mary (Rogers) own DNA mystery
  • Adoptees in search of birth parents
  • Black Americans finding their country of origin
  • How DNA test results may misidentify half-siblings as cousins
  • The best DNA testing service
  • How to benefit from more than one testing service and save cash
  • The truth of mothers who may be considered aunts or grandmothers
  • Etiquette of contacting relatives
  • Is the truth all important?
  • Validating hunches
  • Stories, stories, and more stories!

Links and resources from the episode

Get your free DNA Roadmap from DNA Hunters HERE

GEDmatch.com (free aggregator of test results)

The Magician’s Daughter (memoir written by a DNA Hunter customer) on Amazon

Ancestry DNA test kit:

NYT Bestseller, Inheritance by Dani Shapiro

About my guest, Mary Eberle, DNAHunters.com

Mary Eberle is a 56-year-old biologist who left her legal practice at the age of 48 to start her own business, DNA Hunters.  She’s a genetic genealogist who combines DNA with genealogy to find birth parents of adoptees and others with unknown parents or grandparents.

Through this incredibly fascinating work, Mary provides her clients with long-sought-after answers.  These answers give her clients peace of mind and closure. Many of her clients have been trying to solve their mysteries for decades—and even over multiple generations.

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