Caring For Aging Parents with Russ and Leslie Knopp

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E026 Caring For Aging Parents

Aging Parents Experience 50 Podcast with Russ and Leslie KnoppIf you worry about your aging parents and their safety, happiness and ability to live independently, listen to this episode of The Experience 50 Podcast, then have your siblings listen as well. It will be a wonderful primer on the options available to families who do not want to remove parents from their homes.

Leslie and Russ Knopp know the business of in home care for seniors. They employ over 200 caregivers serving the needs of seniors and their families. In this episode, they talk with Mary Rogers about the best way to assess the situation in your parents’ home, how to work together with siblings to address the needs and fears of aging parents and what to expect when working with an in home care agency.

Each holiday season, many adult children travel long distances to visit their parents and some are met with the stark contrast of how well Mom and Dad have sounded on the phone, only to discover that things have changed since the last visit.  Maybe the house isn’t being cleaned, the basement stairs pose a certain threat for Mom carrying a laundry basket, the kitchen has no “real food”. Unfortunately, kids may discover that medications are not being taken, or personal hygiene has become a bother or there seems to be some physical and/or cognitive decline.

Mom and Dad don’t want to be sent to “the nursing home” and may become defensive about their abilities. Siblings may disagree about the who and how help should happen.

Russ and Leslie are part of the booming industry of In Home Care professionals that work with families to provide assistance so seniors can stay in their homes or at least live independently.

You can access 20 Questions to Ask Potential Caregivers HERE.

Episode 27 will feature Life Transitions Coach, Diann Wingert, LCSW talking with Mary about the many emotional issues of caregiving and family dynamics of helping aging parents.

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