E162 RECLAIM Your Mojo! with Brilliant Burnout’s Nisha Jackson, PhD

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Midlife Burnout Nisha Jackson on Experience 50 podcast

Where, oh where, did you go?

Midlife burnout? Do you miss being you?

Remember when you had all the energy in the world, your mind was sharp, you could keep all the plates in the air? Do you remember being gloriously horny? Yeah, well… let’s get back to THAT!

I love what my guest has to say: “The world needs on-fire women that are sharp and in the game and healthy.” Amen!

Women in their 50s can’t change the world if we are exhausted, foggy-brained, and too busy looking for our damn car keys. I swear, just when we come into our prime, it seems that our bodies betray us.

Getting your midlife mojo back

Forget Lexapro, Xanax, and Zoloft. Nisha Jackson’s book: Brilliant Burnout explains the many ways that your body chemistry can get out of whack and how you really can get that mojo back by working with a functional medicine or hormone specialist.

She’s all about testing hormone levels and working with patients on getting back to a state of balance. This is not what we are accustomed to hearing when we seek out medical help. Our doctors are trained to hand out the antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds and maybe suggest therapy. This is not the only answer.

What I dig about Nisha is that she also gets into the importance of unplugging. Not just relaxing with your Facebook stream, but truly unplugging in silence for 10 minutes a day. 10 minutes, you can do it!

We talk about:

  • What burnout looks like
  • Running from tigers
  • Why you need to listen to your body
  • How toxic stress takes years off your life
  • Waking up every night with worry
  • Cannabis and CBD oil for sleep
  • How cortisol helps and hurts your wellbeing
  • How to find a hormone specialist
  • The role of testosterone
  • How to gain perspective in your life
  • Being vulnerable and honest in your relationships
  • The importance of connection with other women
  • How to unplug
  • Managing your circumstances

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Check out Nisha

Nisha Jackson, Ph.D., is a nationally known hormone expert and functional medicine specialist. Nisha founded and is the director of Peak Medical Clinics, which specialize in functional medicine, hormone balance, age management, and disease prevention.

For 28 years, Nisha has subspecialized in hormone balancing for men and women. With in-depth testing and balancing of the adrenals, thyroid, brain chemistry, gut, and sex hormones, she has successfully helped thousands of men and women reverse chronic problems such as fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and depression and regain focus, stamina, drive, and optimal mood and energy.

Nisha is a renowned lecturer, motivational speaker, radio host, columnist, and author. She is the founder of Peak Medical Clinics in Oregon, Texas, and California and the founder/owner of Balance Docs Inc., a nutritional supplement company, and Peak Laboratories, a full-service laboratory for in-depth specialized testing and research.


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