E083 Those Damn Pink Ribbons

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Those Damn Pink Ribbons

“Yes, I said it. Don’t get me wrong. It has been a very effective campaign, raising awareness of breast cancer and leading to earlier detection through self-examinations and mammograms. Yay, pink ribbons!

I am speaking for many of us who have found the lump or were called back after a mammogram, have had multiple surgeries, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. For those of us who didn’t die from the diagnosis of breast cancer, the pink ribbons are for our sisters, nieces and our girlfriends who need reminding. We see those damn pink ribbons as a reminder; they elbow us to not feel quite so carefree in our day. Will it come back?

I am sure that there are many cancer patients and survivors who feel that the pink ribbons are a show of support from others who care. That’s great, soak it up.

I’m too tired to join the fight against breast cancer. Yes ma’am, I appreciate your fighting words. But can we just take naps now? Put our feet up? Because my fight with breast cancer really kicked my ass. I won, but I feel I’ve done my fighting, paid my dues. No, you won’t see me at rallies or marches or wearing pink ribbons. My pink ribbon is my scar. And it scares the hell out of me.” – Mary Rogers

This episode plays out like something like a reality show, as I bring listeners on my annual road trip to the cancer center for my year 3 post-cancer treatment check-up.

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