E177 The Psychic Next Door with Camille Procassinni

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Pschic Next Door Experience 50 PodcastIn 1996, I had a psychic reading with a clairvoyant. Her name is Camille Procassinni, The Psychic Next Door.

My friend Nancy, who I really admired, had been telling me for years that as she navigated the complexities of her relationships, career, and life that rather than see a therapist, she regularly visited a psychic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She swore by the insights that this woman provided.

Nancy thought I needed some help with the chaos in my life.

What does this have to do with midlife?

At that time, 23 years ago, my life had been completely turned upside-down. Too many huge changes were occurring simultaneously and I felt that my life was no longer under my control. That sounds a lot like midlife to me.

For 23 years, I’ve kept Camille’s contact information. I have felt complete confidence in referring dozens of friends to her over the years.

As you will learn in this episode, when I met with her in 1996, she did not predict my future. She told me what was happening in the present that I didn’t understand. She gave me information that was being kept from me, clarity in what my purpose was in this life, explained why the same types of challenges were appearing in my life and how they represented the lesson I needed to learn to move forward.

I think I paid $100.

Not only does she have the gift, but she also has a rare understanding of human nature. She doesn’t mince her words in telling clients what they need to know.

Enjoy this interesting and very different Experience 50 episode!

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About Camille Procassinni

The Psychic Next Door

A professional clairvoyant medium and certified hypnotherapist, Camille has been clairvoyant all of her life and enjoys a highly respected and successful private reading practice with clients from all over the world. Camille assists people in healing and transforming their life through her readings, intuitive Feng Shui consultations, and teaching workshops on developing personal intuition, dream interpretation, manifestation, and other empowerment areas. Through her mediumship gifts, Camille is able to bring comfort and messages to the loved ones of those who have crossed over. Camille has also served as an advisor on cases with local and federal law enforcement agencies.

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