Mary’s Friday Five October 2, 2015

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A round-up of tips, tricks and observations in midlife…

#1 Agism?

Yes, I was caught by surprise. Do you feel threatened by agism? I don’t, but I work for myself. I’ve heard from many listeners who feel victimized by agism, particularly in the workplace. They are being replaced by younger, less expensive and more tech savvy workers. One listener said it best, “It is the lack of control over your income that is so unsettling, when you’ve built a career that employers fail to value. See #2.

#2 Plan B 

In E9 How To Become a Consultant, Joe Sanock offered listeners a FREE 23 Step Checklist, outlining a successful strategy to create a consulting business. Joe’s Consulting School Course is now open for registration. When you request the free checklist, you will receive an invitation to learn more about the course. Great opportunity to start a side business or new career.

#3 Memory Lane
Gene Rayburn
Do you remember watching Match Game after school? Why, I’ve always wondered, was Gene Rayburn the only person on television who used that oddly long microphone? I loved that game show, it seemed so racy back then! Regulars: Brett Sommers, Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Gary Burghoff, Loretta Swit, Nipsey Russell, Jack Klugman, Adrienne Barbeau, Jack Cassidy, Arte Johnson, Burt Convey, Dick Martin, Dr. Joyce Brothers

#4 Free Games to Grow Your Brain

In Episode 10 There is Hope For Your Brain with Ruth Curran, our guest shared the link to her free Cranium Crunches online games that are specially designed to increase your brain power. Don’t feel too bad if you stumble, I did just terribly, especially the Memory Match games. Very humbling.

#5 New Experience 50 Podcast episodes this week:

Two conversations with midlifers who faced life changing events in their 40s, who have both started careers in their 50s, based on difficult personal situations.

Episode 10 There is Hope for Your Brain with Ruth Curran

Episode 11 Transformation of the Pot Smoking Judge with Tom Gilbert


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