Hot Flashes, Carpools & Dirty Martinis by Juju Hook

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Hot Flashes
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Juju hook Experience 50Okay, I love this book AND I love Juju. I first met Juju Hook over the summer and we fell into a very long phone conversation talking about the “brand” of the middle-aged woman. Pretty bleak, no? Juju and I are both midlife professional women who have branded organizations, projects and people. I am so happy that we found each other and thrilled to introduce her to you!

The Middle-Aged Woman

Just the term: Middle-aged Woman is a negative phrase. Past her prime! And we, the actual middle-aged women, feed the beast doing whatever we can do to look, sound, trick people into believing we are younger than we are. OMG! Some of us have simply thrown in the towel. If you don’t love the benefits of being this age, because you should, this is for you.

Juju wrote a book about this. It has been her life-long scary dream to write a book, and so she dared herself to do it. I am so proud of her, SHE DID IT, and she completely hits the mark.

In the book, Juju asks you:

  • Have you felt irrelevant or invisible since you’ve hit middle age?
  • Do you feel less sexy, less confident, or less passionate with each passing decade?
  • Are you looking forward to retirement so you can just “chill” for twenty or thirty years?
  • Are you wondering what you’ll do after the kids leave the house?
  • Have you lost touch with the days when you knew just what you wanted, and went after it with wild abandon?
If this speaks to you, check out her book! In Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis, she gives it to you straight about why women dread middle age, and why it should be the time of your life. Juju tells you how she went from a successful career that no longer fulfilled her (and a role as helicopter mom to her teenage son) to making midlife her bit&%! Hey, that’s how she writes, so be prepared.
Juju and I both raised teenagers (and endured their hormonal swings) while at the same time experiencing the joys of perimenopause and menopause and have shared some hilarious stories about THAT miscalculation of family planning. So, so funny.

Does this sound like you, my midlife chickie-poo?

If you are a female listener of Experience 50 and 
  1. Need some good laughs
  2. Need a cheerleader with a plan
  3. Want to join the revolution of rebranding ourselves as AWESOME!
  4. And if you’ve lost your lust for life, Juju will show you why… and what to do about it!
Here are my favorite takeaways from her book:
  • The one question you must ask yourself in
  • The three math problems and six lies that make midlife a stone cold drag
  • How to stop worrying about what others think and get on with what you want
  • How to say yes to opportunity, challenge, adventure, and great big frickin’ fun
  • Why so many women are content with just winding down at this age—and how to NOT be one of them

I’m doing everything I can to help my girlfriend get this book into the hands of my amazing female friends over 40. For the next few weeks, you can get the book for free, just pay for shipping which will depend on where you are.

She is also planning more goodies for us (some free, some not) to get ourselves rocking this midlife thing. I’ll be there for sure. And OF COURSE, I will be having her on Experience 50 Podcast. We may be drinking at the time, which will make things interesting!

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