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Happy 50?

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Happy knows happy at 50.

Just because your hair is thinning, your son is flunking out of college and you can’t seem to muster the courage to take your mother’s car keys away, you could still be happy. Yes, really.

It does seem that with age the sweet get sweeter and the nasty get nastier. The sad get sadder and the happy – oh, the happy can get tripped up at midlife. Your 50s will bring changes both within and outside of your control and how you show up at this dance party will test your happy meter.

Here are the qualities to brush up on:

5 Qualities of Happy 50 Year-Olds


Happy 50 year-olds should know by now that most things turn out just fine, regardless. The key to being flexible is knowing when to let somebody else be in charge of the remote. Happy people have learned that it is okay to not be in charge, and frankly, people like them for it. Ask any bride-to-be if she appreciated her mother-in-law taking over the wedding plans.

The 50s brings more family weddings, births, and funerals than any decade. Don’t be a jerk if the other players in this game have different ideas. This holds true for any interaction with human beings.


“That’s interesting”, is the beginning of every great beginning. Happy people in midlife remain or become interested in new things. Their world is full of shiny objects that they didn’t notice while doing laundry for a family of five. They pay attention to shiny things, ask questions, and dare to dive in!


Junior may be flunking out at college, but he isn’t a homeless heroin addict. Happy at 50 means putting things in perspective, having realistic expectations and appreciating what is in front of you. If you are reading this, chances are that a billion people would like to be in your shoes.

So, be happy and stop looking at things with such a critical eye.


The term independent living will mean something completely different in your 80s, but in your 50s it means taking charge of your own damn life. Happy 50 year-olds know that nobody really cares what you do with your life as long as nobody gets hurt. They don’t care what other people think of how they live their life. Belly dancing? Sure. Buy a houseboat? Go for it.

Happy at 50

They only accept responsibility for one person’s happiness, their own.

As their time on this planet becomes more scarce, happy midlifers don’t sit around waiting for the good stuff to happen or for somebody else to invite them to the party. The happiest people are the party planners – even if that party is for one. Right now or never should be written on your bathroom mirror as a reminder.


Happy people meet humanity heart-first. They lead with love and everything else just falls into place. The bitter, the angry, the pushy, the shovey, they all lack one thing: love. It beats road rage, disappointment, unreturned favors, jealousy, and politics.


Let’s be honest. These qualities do not come naturally or in generous doses to all. The good news is, that as we age, these qualities tend to come forward in a more leading role compared to our formerly more competitive selves.

Some simple self-awareness will take you a long way while you wait.

Meet Mike, a very happy guy at 50.
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