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November 30, 2016

Dear listeners, readers, followers:

I have always been an open book type of person. So, here goes:

As The Experience 50 Podcast has grown from about 30 friends and family listening to over 30,000 across the globe, I have learned a great many things. I need to confess something to you. I wildly overestimated my revenue projections from sponsorships.  I need to change course, at least until I have millions of listeners.

I am removing all current sponsorships from the show and website. Instead, I am now a completely independent podcaster, financially supported by my followers with small monthly donations. Think Kickstarter meets PBS pledge drive.

To learn more about the Patreon program I have joined and the rewards available at various levels (see a sample below), I invite you to CLICK HERE.

This is completely voluntary and the twice-weekly podcast will always remain free of charge. There will be exclusive additional content for Patrons that will vary by donation level.

For more insight, please listen>  Episode 86 Making Midlife Easier

This feels awkward for me, maybe you too? Please consider becoming my Patron, I would be so very grateful. Donations are billed on the first of each month and can be cancelled at any time. If you wish to make a one-time donation, great! Just sign up and cancel after 30 days.

Your friend,
Mary Rogers 

The Experience 50 Podcast is a Mary Rogers Production, supported by the generous donations of midlifers around the globe. A Patreon Partner.

$2 Per Month

Hey Mary, keep up the good work!
It’s a cup of cheap coffee to you, but it means the world to me. I bestow awesome karma and access to my Patron Only Feed upon your gloriousness. Thank you!

$5 per month

Hey Mary, I want to support your stuff!
Patron Only Feed, great karma AND:
FREE access to my eBook (PDF) Making Midlife Easier: Five Powerful Phrases To Lean On.

Your name will be added to my Awesome Patron Board, right in front of my microphone in the studio. I will randomly say hello to you during the occasional podcast, compliment your hair and charming demeanor. You really are very good looking my friend.

$25 per month

Hey Mary, I’m on board the Experience 50 Train!!!
All the above, plus:
Wow, I’m blown away! I’m going to sing your praises from a mountain top! There are no mountains here, so I will name you as the sponsor of an episode and recite a an original poem or limerick in your honor.

Be a Super Fan and support Mary Rogers on Patreon.

Spread the word about Experience 50!

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