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He Came In With It, A Portrait of Motherhood and Madness by Miriam Feldman


One Book | Two Events!

Why this book?

I’ve chosen this book, this wonderful book, for several reasons:

  • A memoir focused on the author’s “ten bad years” from age 48 to 58.
  • I couldn’t put it down, devoured it in one sitting
  • The reviews are fabulous, read below
  • The writing is superb
  • All of the dominant themes of midlife are here: long-term marriage, unruly teenagers, aging parents, our children becoming adults, struggling and learning to deal with expectations, change, and uncertainty
  • Her “golden boy” teenage son develops a severe mental illness, a topic we don’t talk about enough and should
  • After reading the book and having an hour-long conversation with Mimi, I wanted to do everything I can to promote this incredible book of one middle-aged woman’s gut-wrenchingly honest account of her own midlife chapter. I love Mimi’s authenticity and her loving advocacy for her son’s diagnosis, treatment, and care in a health system that makes the worst imaginable situation even worse.
  • The book will make you laugh, yes, really.

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The recording of our Experience 50 Book Club with Mimi Feldman will air on Friday, October 23. 

Miriam Feldman
Miriam “Mimi” Feldman

Book Club Discussion via Zoom

Tuesday, October 13

7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern Time (6 PM CT, 5 PM MT, 4 PM PT)

“LIVE” Podcast Recording with Miriam “Mimi” Feldman via Zoom

Thursday, October 15

2:00 -3:15 PM Eastern (1 PM CT, 12 MT, 11 AM PT)


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Raving Reviews for He Came In With It

“To know that you are not alone in this loneliest and most emotionally difficult of all family situations is a great gift, a comfort and source of strength. And Mimi Feldman is the one you want as your mentor, your guide.”― Janet Fitch, New York Times bestselling author of White Oleander

“Miriam Feldman is the face of art: on one side you have a remarkable painter, the other a master of language and words-and in between-a heart big enough to power a city. Her writing is necessary and important. She is a vital voice on mental health, motherhood and love.” ―Jennifer Pastiloff, national bestselling author of On Being Human

“We watched Miriam become a five-star general in a war against the insidious adversary which threatened to claim the life of her Beautiful Boy. In He Came in With It, she shows us the way through an unimaginable terror to the light of hope. She is our Hero.” ―LaTanya and Samuel L. Jackson, actors

“At its heart, Miriam Feldman’s stunning memoir is a war story. One of indefatigable heroism… artfully told with raw and unmitigated honesty. At once heartbreaking, cathartic and startlingly funny, He Came in With It thoroughly redefines our conception of unconditional love.” ―Tony Shaloub, actor, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Monk

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