Santa 50

A Nice Holiday Twist at Midlife

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Santa 50Unless you waited until age 45 to have kids, (in which, case may I say, “what were you thinking???”), I am guessing that the holiday season has become a bit less hectic and crazed than in years past. No school concerts, no must have (but impossible to find) gifts from the toy aisle, or having to arrange for childcare during the holiday break.

At 50, most of us are having a different flavor of the holidays.

Sure, you can shed a quick tear now that the kids are grown, but puleeze promise me, that for at least a moment, you will think back to the chaos and enjoy the now quieter and calmer holiday.

So, on the big day:

Enjoy sleeping in

Enjoy your spouse

Enjoy your robe and slippers

Enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, maybe in bed

Enjoy a nap

Enjoy a movie with popcorn, maybe in bed.

Finally, if you still have your parents, enjoy them. Get nostalgic with them and relive some tales of Christmases past. Drag out old photos and soak up the memories.






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