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wineguyI really do love my sponsors*, especially when their product gets us out of an embarrassing situation. Here is a shameless plug for my favorite lastChocolate Club minute Christmas, Mother’s Day, best friend’s birthday gift: Monthly Clubs, a family owned business that loves indulgence!

This isn’t your father’s fruit of the month club, these are high quality, beautifully packaged deliveries of wine, chocolate, microbrew beer, gourmet foods, cigars and more, all lovingly selected by industry aficionados, and accompanied by expert information about each selection. Perfect for your cheese snob, brew king, foodie friends and relations.

Create your own assortment or go with a specific club, you can’t go wrong.

A procrastinator’s buddy, you can purchase and print or email a certificate for your gift in just minutes. Yes, I’ve been there!

Select clubs offering $25 savings, use discount code:SAVE25 at checkout



cheese club


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