"Are You Ready To Tell Your Story?"

Podcast Guest Information

The Experience 50 Podcast airs each Monday and Thursday, some interviews are recorded weeks in advance. The 30-minute format features conversations with real midlife men and women sharing their very personal stories of a significant pivot, an extraordinary experience or challenge offering solid actionable steps, tools and advice to the audience of midlife listeners. We also interview experts who bring information and entertainment to our demographic of well-educated, 45-59 year old listeners.

The podcast is produced and hosted by Mary Rogers, a seasoned radio talk show host with thousands of interviews under her belt. Mary’s style is very conversational and she is a pro at readily putting her guests at ease.

Interested guests are asked to send Mary a brief bio and description of your story (500 words) to mary@experience50.com Subject line: Guest Inquiry

You will be scheduled for a 10 minute telephone conversation, after which we will decide if you would like to be scheduled for an interview which includes approximately 30 minutes of recorded conversation. Because this is a conversation, not an interview, there are no advance questions. Please be prepared with three pieces of advice that relate to your story. If you will be directing the audience to other sources, such as websites or books, please provide us with that information ahead of time if possible so that we may include links on our webpage.

We strive for high quality audio to provide the best possible listening experience to our audience.

Interviews are usually recorded over Skype. You are asked to have installed Skype on your laptop or desktop and be connected to the internet by ethernet connection, wifi is okay, just lower quality. You are encouraged to wear ear buds with a microphone or you can use your speakers with an external microphone. If you frequently appear on podcasts, we suggest you purchase this affordable mic.

Podcast Ready List

Send Interview Request to:mary@experience50.comFor Interview:
Bio and/or url(s) to websitesInstall Skype (add maryrogers50 to your contacts)
Synopsis of your storyEthernet connection preferred
Three value tips for audienceExternal Microphone
Contact info: email, phone, SkypeHeadshot JPG or PNG

When the episode is ready to air, you will be provided with the podcast link and a graphic to use in promoting the podcast episode on your social media platforms or personal blog/website/email, etc…

Mary looks forward to hearing from you!