"Are You Ready To Tell Your Story?"

Podcast Guest Information

The Experience 50 Podcast for Midlife features a wide variety of guests from topic experts to ordinary people with extraordinary stories or perspectives on the midlife experience.

The 30-minute episode format features conversations with real midlife men and women sharing their very personal stories of a significant pivot, an extraordinary experience or challenge offering solid actionable steps, tools and advice to the audience of midlife listeners. I also interview experts who bring information and entertainment to our demographic of well-educated, 45-65-year-old male and female listeners. The more open and honest you are able to be, the more helpful your insights will be for our listener.

The podcast is not a selling platform for coaches, consultants, online sellers, etc… But if you offer great information, storytelling, advice, and the like, you are welcome to apply to be a guest. Just be warned that the interview is not to be used to sell your wares.

Unless you live in or are visiting Traverse City, Michigan, your interview will be recorded over Skype. I ask that you have earbuds with a microphone. If you frequently appear on podcasts, we suggest you purchase this affordable mic, The sound quality will be greatly improved!

You should be familiar with Skype and have an account (free) before scheduling an interview. Download the Skype app to your laptop, tablet or desktop.

Podcast Guest Process

Step One:

Listen to the Introduction Episode and one other of your choosing. If you have never heard my show, do not ask to be a guest.

Step Two:

Send me an email mary@experience50.com Subject line: Guest Inquiry

Simply introduce yourself, tell me a bit about your own story or expertise and let me know what you would like to share with my listeners.

Step Three:

I will reply within a few days and if we both decide you are a good fit for the show, I will send you the link to my Booking Page. The Booking Page will ask you to upload a short bio, how you should be introduced, a headshot (jpg or png) and a bunch of contact info including your Skype address. You will also be given the option to schedule a phone call with me to prepare for your interview.

When the episode is ready to air, you will be provided with the podcast link and a graphic to use in promoting the podcast episode on your social media platforms or personal blog/website/email, etc…

Trust me, you will have fun!