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  • Midlife Triage Session with Mary Rogers

    Midlife Triage

    What is a Midlife Triage Session?

    A virtual one-time meeting, lasting up to one hour. Our focus will be to get the elephant off your chest so you can breath enough to get on with your life. Sound good?

    We will determine where you are in your midlife transition and what resources you may need to get unstuck. Maybe it is a coach, a therapist, a new perspective, an easy tweak on your perspective or a week on a beach. Together we will explore what is going on in your life that may be holding you back from living your best life.

    What we discuss is up to you. We can talk through your new idea for a business, a big decision that is weighing on you, a relationship that is weighing on you, whatever you want. I will be your truth-telling, shoulder shaking confidant.

    I have worked with hundreds of midlifers, heard their stories and provided powerful feedback and food for thought. I am NOT a certified/licensed life coach or therapist. She IS a certified Small Business Consultant that brings strategic and dynamic skills to YOUR life situation. Be ready to tell your tale, answer questions and get awesome and completely unlicensed advice!

    These are individual sessions meant to be SINGLE sessions. I am NOT a long term resource, but a shot in the arm to get you motivated and focused and out of gate.

    No need to take notes! You will also receive a downloadable .mp3 file recording of our conversation to listen to AFTER we talk.

    Cost: $125

    Book your session today, HERE