"Your Crash Test Dummy for Middle Age Life"

Meet Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers is a mentor, entrepreneur and entertainer. She mentors both the heart and mind of midlifers from anxiety to awesomeness with a shoulder-shaking truth-telling style that brings immediate results. She believes that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle experience and brings business strategy concepts to lifestyle design and career makeovers. Her show and blog bring a business strategists approach to creating a midlife movement of no regrets.

About-page-content-mary-imageUpon graduating from high school, Mary’s parents gave her the unusual gift of a 25% interest in the newest family business. From building that start up to a $2.5M business, she went on to hold leadership positions at two chambers of commerce, Civic Searchlight, National Association of Women Business Owners, the Michigan Small Business Development Center (U.S. Small Business Administration), founded her own production and training company, Marigold Women in Business and found her true passion as the creator and host of Mary in the Morning 1067YOU-FM.

Now, proudly middle-aged, Mary Rogers is storming her way into podcasting and online courses for personal and professional development of midlifers.

With The Experience 50 Podcast and Experience50.com, she is rapidly expanding her following of highly motivated midlifers looking to make the most of this life and have an awesome third quarter. From teaching confidence building skills to sharing tips on how to gracefully become an in-law or grandparent, Mary just has a way of making the road to change smoother and a helluva lot more fun.

Along the way, Mary has…

…interviewed over 3,000 guests, advised thousands of wayward business owners, emceed a drag queen show, met a whole bunch of famous people, hosted a crash course in the principles of capitalism to a delegation of Soviet women, guided thousands of wanna-be bosses to making their dreams a reality and shown professional women how to drink & enjoy brown liquor. If she can just teach them how to use the right app on their smartphones, this will be big.

Mary Rogers is head-over-heels in love with her husband, has two ridiculously awesome children and lives in the most beautiful place in America. Beat that.