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E077 A Midlife Divorce Story with author Jeanne Andrus

Jeanne Andrus walked into a therapist’s office married and came out with her husband’s declaration that it was over. What happens next? Author Jeanne Andrus shares her story with listeners. Join the Experience 50 Midlife Community eMail list HERE View Jeanne’s books HERE

E076 The Butt of The Joke

Mary shares her story of being the butt of her children’s jokes. What should have, could have, been a lovely family dinner went south when her kids bonded over making fun of her.

Women Over 40

Mary Rogers’ on WESU’s Women Over 40

It was great fun to be a guest, along with Eileen Williams of Work Over 50, on WESU’s Women Over Forty, hosted by Cyma Shapiro. We shared our opinions and insights on why there is so much buzz about reinventing ourselves after 50, the challenges of the work world and…

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E075 Career Reinvention with Harry Prichett

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you feel like a prisoner at work? Is your job sucking the life right out of you? Maybe you’ve been downsized out or your profession has been automated. Too many midlifers think they just need to suffer through…

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E074 Falling Down and Dusting Off w/Mary Rogers

There are few things so humiliating as falling down while walking after the age of 8. At 53, the pain is more than physical. Yep, I fell down, twisted my ankle between two bad sections of sidewalk and ended up drawing a crowd and being whisked off to the emergency room….

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